Women’s Only Classes at SICFIT Scottsdale



Gone are the days of walking into a gym and seeing the women trudging away on the cardio equipment while their male counterparts are in the weight cave throwing around heavy things and flexing in the mirror. Welcome to the new age of fitness- where WOMEN dominate the weights!

SICFIT Scottsdale has a Women’s Only class every Tuesday/Thursday at 9:30AM. This class is a great way to introduce women to weight training, as well as a great way for the community of women with an existing knowledge of weight training to band together and get FIT. Get Fit. Stay Fit. SICFIT.

Call SICFIT Scottsdale today at 480-922-3253 and get your Women’s Only membership for $199 per month!

Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, November 12, 2015

1 Minute Shuttle Run
1 Minute Row
1 Min Jump Rope
:30 Burpees
A) Tabata Isometric Holds:
L-Sit or Knee Tucks
Hang Hold
Top or Bottom of Push-Up
Glute Bridge
Squat Hold
B) 1 Minute Max Effort:
Plank Push-Ups
Flutter Kicks
Ring Rows
x3 Rounds

+ Stretch!

How SICFIT Scottsdale Prepared Me to Become a Pararescueman in the Air Force: as told by Alen Mikel


My name is Alen Mikel Armstrong and I am a Pararescueman in the United States Air Force. In high school I was not on the varsity football team. I did not take state in basketball. I was not a star swimmer. I did not lift weights or try to become stronger or faster.  I did, however, play golf; I still enjoy golf from time to time, but I always dreamt of being more than ‘pretty good’ at golf. The day I graduated high school I knew I wanted to change my life and take on the impossible for myself. I signed up for the United States Air Force with the intention of training to become a pararescueman (May2010). I had no clue what I had committed myself to. I just knew I wanted to do something that mattered, something that was challenging and rewarding…but where to even begin? And how? I knew I would need serious help achieving this seemingly impossible dream.

I met Luke Kayyem at my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) family reunion where we talked for a few minutes over the course of a weekend. I was about to call this man, a man I barely knew, and tell him that I needed help. I remember walking into CrossFit Scottsdale shortly after high school graduation and finding Luke in his office. I asked him if he remembered me. I think he was being nice when he replied, saying he thought I looked familiar. I told him my story, explained to him my dream, and hoped to God he wouldn’t laugh too hard. Looking back, it’s silly to think he would ever laugh at someone with drive and a dream to be better. He told me to come back in a few days to do a “baseline” at the gym and assess my current fitness level. Now, I was a bit of a cocky high school kid; I mean, I did play golf. How hard could a baseline fitness test be? Much to my surprise, I needed help doing one pull-up with a band! Following the test, I spent 10 minutes in the bathroom throwing up lunch. After ‘using the restroom,’ I went into Luke’s office and we talked about my goals. He told me that he would train me for free 3 days out of the week, but, in return, I would be doing tasks around the gym to pay for myself.  I was so thrilled; I told him I wouldn’t let him down, and he said he wouldn’t let me down either. When I walked out of the office, I ran into Najla Kayyem (Luke’s wife) and she told me that I better be at the gym training every day. So that’s what I did; I showed up for the first class in the morning every day and worked afterwards, until around noon, for the first week. Although I could barely walk after workouts and threw up after every session that week, I was excited to be there: finally working towards my crazy dream.




I started attending classes at SICFIT Scottsdale, formerly known as CrossFit Scottsdale, more and more. Eventually I was there Monday through Saturday, 7am-5pm, working out and doing various tasks around the gym (cleaning equipment, unclogging toilets, and even installing the new grill on Luke’s truck). After a few months of being “Jedi” at the gym, he asked me to help coach a class at Luke Air Force base with him. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a woman in uniform that escorted us onto base. Luke introduced me and told her I was trying out to be a Pararescueman, or PJ, in a few months. She replied with a smirk on her face and said she thought PJs were “much bigger”. Now, I was used to being told I was too “small” or too “skinny” to play sports like football, so her comment didn’t bother me. We carried on and coached a workout to the Airmen on base. As soon as we left base, Luke expressed how angry he was about that woman’s comment. He told me to never let anyone judge me or tell me what I can or cannot do. He told me that even though people out there may doubt me or call me stupid for trying something so unobtainable or impossible, my energy should never be spent worrying about their opinions; rather, I should use their opinions to prove them wrong.

I found out the date I would leave for basic training and Luke created a daily personal training schedule to fully prepare me. He also introduced me to Don Wong, a fellow member of the gym who was a sports psychologist. We met weekly to work on my mental strength. Luke did that for me so when it was time to prove myself, I knew that I had done everything in my power to be prepared.

“I would not be a Pararescueman today if it wasn’t for Luke.”

He believed in me when everyone else thought I was just foolish for such a crazy aspiration. He trained me for free for an entire year. I will always be indebted to Luke for all he has given me and helped me achieve. I truly am blessed to have met Luke and train with the phenomenal staff of SICFIT Scottsdale.


Can You Breathe Away Hamstring Tightness?


Everyone seems to have ‘tight’ hamstrings. The most popular stretch, one that has been with us since John F Kennedy’s exercise program, was launched into schools is the straight leg hamstring stretch. There are standing, seated, and supine variations that are used by gym members on a regular basis.

The interesting fact is that athletes that religiously stretch their hamstrings – are almost always still tight – despite stretching their ‘tight’ hamstrings.

Hamstring tightness is interesting because overstretched hamstrings (over lengthened hamstrings) still elicit a feeling of tightness. In other words, the muscle group is already overstretched and since this elicits protective neural tension, athletes then think that they need to stretch their hamstrings. And they do – they are stretching an overstretched muscle group – weird, no?

It is important to note that feeling the stretch behind the knee is a result of overstretching the sciatic nerve. Hamstring tightness is often neural tension – not muscular tension.

Athletes who exhibit an anterior tilted pelvis and overarched low back have over lengthened hamstrings and will continue to feel ‘tight’ unless pelvic alignment is restored. One of the best ways of restoring pelvic tilt is breathing.

The following study was recently released showing the immediate effects of a breathing intervention on hamstring tightness:
The Functional Movement System’s certification utilizes tactical breathing to improve the straight leg raise. About half the participants in my certification had an immediate improvement in the straight leg raise once they performed tactical breathing from the crocodile breathing position.

There are a number of different corrective breathing drills that athletes can utilize. The most important part of diaphragmatic breathing is a lateral expansion on the inhale. The diaphragm should descend on the inhale pressurizing the sides of the abdomen. This lateral expansion is what stabilizes the lower lumbar spine (L4/5).

The first breathing drill I take patients through is the 90/90 supine position as taught by DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization). The following image shows Petra Valouchova (DNS instructor) taking someone through the breathing drill that you can implement before your workouts.

Assessment/Belly Breathing
First lay on your back with your legs supported at ninety degrees. Place your right hand on your belly and the left hand on your chest. Note what happens on the inhale. If you feel your neck tense up or your ribcage elevate on the inhale you have a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

Taking 15 breaths in this position focusing on breathing into the hand on your belly. You will inhale through the nose, and then exhale through your lips like you are blowing up a balloon. You can use a count of (4/4/4/4), a.k.a tactical breathing.

Tactical Breathing:
Inhale 4 seconds
Hold 4 seconds
Exhale 4 seconds
Hold 4 seconds

Lateral Breathing
Next place your hands just below your ribcage and focus on expanding into your hands. Take 15 breaths into your sides with the tactical breathing count. This can also be trained by tying a band below the ribcage (banded breathing)

Stabilizing While Breathing
After your 30 breaths and a lateral expansion is achieved – you will lift your legs off the support and integrate the proper breathing pattern while stabilizing (pictured). Don’t worry about the bands in the picture. The final step would be active leg movement while keeping the back flat against the floor (Kolar Wall Bug).

Related Resources
The Journal of Sport Rehabilitation: The Immediate Effects of Doming of the Diaphragm Technique in Subjects With Short Hamstring Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Mike Reinold (Hans Lindgren): Core Stability from the Inside Out

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™ – www.FlexibilityRx.com

Strength in Conditioning for November 11, 2015

Jump Rope 2 Minutes
Roll Out Back
Dynamic Stretches

A) Row 10 Minutes Non-Stop
*maintain consistent tempo

B1) 1 Minute 80% Effort Row
B2) 30 Second 50% Effort Row
x8 Rounds

C) 2 Minute AMRAP of Each Exercise:
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute Rest 

+ Stretch!

Rib Roll Exercise by Flexibility Rx

rib roll

The Rib Roll Exercise
The rib roll exercise improves rotation through the thoracic spine. Thoracic spine immobility, both limited extension and rotation, creates problems at the neck and shoulders. Pair this exercise with this passive thoracic spine mobilization, then retest your thoracic rotation and shoulder flexibility. Rolling is a good way to lock in some rotational stability.

Important Points:

  • Neck is supported, maintaining neutral alignment with the spine
  • Hip is flexed at least 90 degrees to prevent low back movement
  • Glutes are contracted in bottom leg to drive extension patterning
  • Top leg is lightly pressed into roller for core activation
  • Reach under ribcage with top hand lifting ribcage
  • Reach out with bottom hand in opposite direction of rotation
  • Exhale into thoracic rotation, inhale back to start position
  • Lead into rotation with shoulder furthest from foam roller

Need more thoracic mobility resources? Check out Dynamic Chiropractic: The Rib-Roll Stretch for Thoracic Spine Mobility, Tony Gentilcore: EXERCISES YOU SHOULD BE DOING: SIDE LYING RIB ROLL, and Fitness Pain Free: The Correct Way to Mobilize Your Thoracic Spine

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™ – www.FlexibilityRx.com

Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Row 500m
Barbell Bear Complex
Foam Roll

1) 10/10/8/6/6 Deadlift
2) 5x Dead Bugs (each side)
3) 3x Knee Jumps
Rest 2 Minutes

1) 10-12 Reverse Fly
2) 12-15 Lying Toes to Rig
3) 10-12 Hammer Curls
4) 12-15 Hamstring Band Curls
x 3 Rounds

Team SICFIT is ready for the World’s Toughest Mudder

“Why do we fall down? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is best said by Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. This recount has given me strength to find a way out of some of the roughest, toughest terrains in the world and under some of the most stressful situations. My team and I are planning on falling down this weekend in order to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward for 24 hours.

For the past 8 months, Team SICFIT (compiled of 5 guys from SICFIT Scottsdale and one from SICFIT San Diego) have been training 3-5 days a week, building strength, power, and endurance to prepare for the World’s Toughest Mudder. Our training split consisted of 3 days in the gym and 2 days outside. In the gym, we were lifting, pushing, and pulling combining Olympic lifts, bodyweight movements, heavy sleds and kettlebells . Outside the gym, we conquered the trails of Pinnacle Peak and progressively added a few miles each week. As summer came to an end, we began to challenge our threshold with 45 minute non-stop training sessions, triple Pinnacle Peak  and a 26.2 mile ruck from North Scottsdale to Old Town in full gear. Both pushed the boundaries and limits of our teammates matching the emotions that are guaranteed to come in the early morning hours on Sunday. 

The World’s Toughest Mudder is the holy grail of obstacle course races in the United States with over 1,280 competitors from around the world. Participants will embark on the weekend journey in Las Vegas, setting up a makeshift home in the unforgiving desert of Henderson, Nevada. Our biggest challenge has, and will be, the cold; temperatures are projected to drop down into the mid 40’s during the race. The race starts at 2pm on Saturday and ends 24 hours later, at 2pm on Sunday; we will have just over 12 hours of wet, cold darkness to.  Add in some fatigue, hunger, and chaos, and you get Obstacle Course Racing at its finest.

I found my love for endurance training a few years ago, having completed KOKORO camp at SEALFIT HQ twice. I was one of the first to jump on board with Obstacle Course Racing after Jason Hersh spearheaded the challenge back in March. Soon thereafter, Jesse Holland, Austin Bates, and Joseph Conner joined our journey. After a few pictures of our team’s training went out on social media, Rick Cardet reached out all the way from San Diego and team SICFIT was born. This is a group of men that I have enjoyed more and more each time we train together; team SICFIT has built a bond that will last a lifetime and our brotherhood has become bigger than this one race. These men have trusted in me to deliver leadership before, during, and after the race, a task I take great pride in and truly value. I know things are going to get awful, people are going to get tired, and we will all get upset with ourselves and each other. My goal is to complete the 24-hour race as a team with minimal injuries, zero quitters, and, most importantly, with a smile on our face- ear to ear, baby! I will constantly remind myself and my teammates to find ways to push forward after setbacks, to keep moving after we stop, and to work as a team to accomplish this task. If, and WHEN, we fall down, I will remind team SICFIT  that we must get back up and do what is needed to keep on keeping on. 

My “why” for this race  is simple; our team is counting on me and I will not let them down. One of the things I learned from the SEALFIT training staff is that you must have a “why,” this is the reason you are going through the pain , and it must be concrete. When you stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking of others, your personal pain will soften. You will ignore pity. You will able to move on and keep pushing forward. You will find a way to win and SICceed. I am treating this experience like a job; it will be completed with relentless execution, passion and drive. I cannot wait for this journey to unfold and hope that we may inspire you along the way. Stay tuned for race details, results, and a new Obstacle Course Training class coming to SICFIT Scottsdale in 2016; we will prepare YOU to race in your first Tough Mudder, Obstacle Course, or KOKORO camp. Whatever adventure you take part in that knocks you to the ground, we will prepare you to pick yourself up and keep. moving. forward.

WTM team

Joseph Conner, Jason Hersh, Luke Kayyem, Jesse Holland, Austin Bates *Not pictured Rick Cardet

World’s Toughest Mudder by the numbers….

1.55 Mile Penalty Lap
5 Mile Course
9 Penalty Obstacles
12 Mandatory Obstacles
21 Total Obstacles
24 Hours of Work
35’ High Cliff Jump
839 Feet of Elevation
1,280 Competitors

Shed The Stuffing this Holiday Season!


Out of shape? Down on yourself? Need some guidance? Don’t be the person that puts on the extra 15 pounds this holiday season. Join me at 7pm on Thursday, November 19th at Natural Grocers to learn how to Shed the Stuffing and Survive the Holidays.

This annual nutrition seminar will help you look better naked! You will learn how to shed the stuffing and keep it off through lifestyle, fitness, and food changes that will last a lifetime. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend!

*food prep techniques *healthy recipes * holiday tradition alternatives * food samples*

Email info@sicfitscottsdale.com or call SICFIT Scottsdale at 480-922-3253 to reserve your spot today!

Strength in Conditioning for Monday, November 9th, 2015

Row 500m
100 Jump Rope
PVC Burgener Warm Up

Burgener Warm Up (as a Complex)
5 x 1 Rep Each Movement : Dip, Shrug, High Pull, Muscle Snatch, Overhead Squat, Squat Snatch

4 Rounds of:
10 Hang Power Snatches
10 Pull Ups
250m Row
75 Jump Rope
Rest 2 Minutes

+ Stretch

Saturday at SICFIT Scottsdale




It’s SATURDAY! Time to wake up, drink some coffee, and get your weekend kicked off right with a workout at SICFIT Scottsdale. Don’t forget to check out our retail section, as we’ve recently gotten in some new SICFIT swag!

Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, November 7, 2015

Coach’s Choice

(1 Partner Works at a Time)
Max Rounds in 7 Minutes:
10 Push-Ups
10 Ring Rows
10 Ball Slams
10 Mountain Climbers

B (1 Partner Holds until Other Partner Finishes Work)
Max Rounds in 7 Minutes:
1- Hold Plank, 2- 10 Burpees
2- Hold Plank, 1- 10 Burpees
1- Hold Squat, 2- Run Small Lap
2- Hold Squat, 1- Run Small Lap
1- Hang Hold, 2- 30 Kettle Bell Swings
2- Hang Hold, 1- 30 Kettle Bell Swings





We all know how hard it is to find motivation during the holiday season to stay on track with our fitness goals; that’s why SICFIT Scottsdale is offering you the ultimate motivation- a FREE MONTH! Attend all classes designated by your membership with no misses or make-ups for all of November and December and receive a membership in January completely on us! Get PAID to SHOW UP!

Strength in Conditioning for November 6, 2015

Dynamic Warm Up Outside!

A1) 5 Burpee Broad Jump

A2) 5 Archer Push-Ups

A3) 5 Candle Stick Rolls

A4) Run Small Lap

Jump rope 50-40-30-20-10
Box jump 25-20-15-10-5
Sit ups 25-20-15-10-5



Guest Week at SICFIT Scottsdale: November 16-21, 2015



Grab a friend and head over to SICFIT Scottsdale for Guest Week! Guests of SICFIT members can enjoy a complimentary workout at SICFIT Scottsdale all week long. Whether your sister has always wanted to try a class, your neighbor just moved here and needs a new gym to call home, or your child wants to try a workout with mommy and daddy, everybody is invited and welcome to get fit with a friend!

November 5, 2015

W: 400m Run + Banded Internal/External Rotation Exercises = Band Stretches

A1) Shoulder Press (Life-12-15, Fitness 8-12, Sport 5-6)
A2) Walk Out Push Ups (Life-3, Fitness- 5, Sport- 5)
A3) 30 Flutter Kicks
Rest 2 Minutes

B) 15′ AMRAP
Row 300m
6 Burpees
12 Ring Rows
24 Mountain Climbers per Leg

+ Cool Down/ Back and Shoulder Stretches

Get Ready for SICest of the Southwest IV on December 5th!


Get Ready for SICest of the Southwest IV! Join SICFIT on the black top for a one-day team fitness competition! Combining strategy, brute physical power, speed and agility, the SICest of the Southwest has become the marquee event for competitive exercise in Arizona.

Each team of two or four will be guaranteed 5 separate scoring opportunities in both the FITNESS (Scaled) and SPORT (RX) categories. This year we added a Masters category (40+ yrs) along with Dynamic Duos, and a “KING of the Gym” award for the club, gym, or affiliate who represents with the most registrations – they’ll win a barbell! The club, gym, or affiliate that brings the biggest support/fan crew will win one as well!

SICFIT Scottsdale will be the HOST facility for the SICest of the Southwest IV. If you would like to compete, volunteer, judge or sponsor in any capacity, use registration link (http://sicfit.ticketleap.com/sicest/) or email info@SICFIT.com.

The competitive divisions are as follows: Sport & Fitness co-ed teams of 4, Dynamic Duo co-ed Masters (40+), co-ed Fitness, Male/Male Sport, and Male/Male Fitness. All members of all teams must register and indicate which divsion they will be competitng in.


November 4, 2015

W: Row 500m + Hip Stretches + 3x Glute Bridge Holds + 15x (ea. side) Dead Bugs

A) 10′ Every Minute On the Minute
2x Deadlift*
*make consistent weight increases every one, two, or three sets

B) 5 Rounds for Time :
Run 400m
10 Straight Leg Deadlifts @50-60% of Heaviest in A
20 Kettle Bell Swings
Rest 2 Minutes

+Cool Down and Roll Out

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