Handstand Push Ups Make Great Party Tricks!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let’s face it, its a pretty awesome feeling showing off your handstand pushup! It’s quite the impressive achievement to add to your arsenal of Strength in Conditioning Ninja skills! Get closer to mastering your handstand pushup up next wednesday at 7pm for the final part in the “Kayyem Signature Series.”

Scared to go upside down? Coach Luke Kayyem will walk you through the skill of the HSPU and build your confidence and strength so you will have nothing to fear! If you already feel comfortable in your handstand and are ready to learn the push up, Coach Luke will show you how to build strength and gain skills to unleash your HSPU ninja warrior!

This is a FREE clinic to all students of SICFIT Scottsdale. Don’t miss out!

Hand Stand Push Up.

5 Minutes of down dog, up dog transitions
5 Minutes of jump rope
Handstand Push Up HSPU
4 Rounds Strict press |10 seconds between lifts
5 Burpees
10 Sit ups
1 Minute max calorie row

3 Steps to Packing a Healthy Lunch for Your Kids


Your kids may have a hard time finding a balanced and nutritious meal at their school cafeteria, let alone one that is paleo friendly.  Health conscious parents may choose to pack their kids a healthy lunch as an alternative. Here are three steps to ensuring your children are eating clean, nutrient dense  foods that will keep them thriving and ready to learn all day long.

Step 1: Start out with protein and fat. Protein is very important in regards to building muscle, supporting a strong immune system, and keeping their organs healthy. Examples of healthy protein are chicken, eggs, turkey, steak or fish. Healthy fats such as Omega-3’s, Omega-6’s and Saturated fats are essential for your child’s immune system and to keep them feeling satiated. Healthy saturated fats are found in salmon, butter, avocado, ghee, eggs, coconut oil, palm oil, grass fed meat, walnuts, and macadamia nuts.

Step 2: Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins and minerals your children need to help them grow and develop, both physically and intellectually. Fiber is one of the main benefits of fruits and veggies to keep our kiddos full and help with their digestion. Vitamin C — found in foods like citrus fruits, broccoli and strawberries —builds and maintains a strong immune system. Vitamin A is found in carrots and other orange foods and is important for eye sight. Potassium, found in bananas, broccoli and tomatoes, is key in keeping the muscles and nervous system working correctly.

Step 3: Water is the most important of the three steps because it is the foundation of a healthy functioning body. Water is found in large amounts in the blood and helps the liver with digestion as well as keeps the body cool with perspiration.

Step 4: It is very important that we keep our kids from eating refined carbohydrates, dairy, wheat, gluten, sugary drinks and sodas. Each of these foods causes inflammation in the body and spike blood sugar and insulin, which stores food as fat in the body.

Keep these simple guidelines in mind when packing your kid’s school lunches this year and you will be setting them up for a healthy, happy, and focused year of learning!
CrossFit Scottdale "Little Heroes" Class at Camelback Desert School

Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Rounds: run small lap or row 150 meters
Dynamic Movement
5 Rounds
Rest exactly 2 minute after each round
LIFE: 12 Barbell front squats + 8 pushups + run small lap or row 150 meters
FITNESS: 8 tough but manageable front squats + 8 deficit push ups with 10/15 plates + run small lap or row 150 meters
SPORT: 5 Front squats from the ground + 5-8 clapping push ups + + run small lap or row 150 meters

Old School Meets New Sport!


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, August 11, 2014

SICFIT Scottsdale’s very first Race Day on the Grid was a blast! We had six different teams teams go head to head as they battled to move their team across the Grid with the fastest time and with the most reps. Each section of the Grid challenged athletes with a functional fitness exercise, and teams could tag their members in and out of each Grid space as many times as they wanted to maximize their team member’s strengths and overall efficiency. Look for this same style of competition at the SICEST of the Southwest III, where “old-school meets new sport” on the SICFIT Scottsdale GRID lot on December 6th!


10 Minutes
Run + Walk + Row + Air Dyne + Jump rope
Clean & Jerk barbell progression
10 Minutes to practice Clean & Jerk
LIFE: Hang power clean + push press
Race #3 from the SICEST of the Southwest II
20 Ground to overhead
25 Toes to bar
20 Burpees
1K Row
LIFE: 55% of C&J + sit ups
FITNESS: 95/65 C&J
SPORT: 135/95 C&J


Did Someone Say Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies?


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, August 9, 2014

The SICFIT strategy on healthy nutrition is simple: eat great, feel great! We talked a lot about this at Cooking with the Kayyems last week, where we got to sample some practically paleo Kayyem super simple staples. One of our favorite dessert recipes, Zach’s Paleo-Friendly and Gluten-Free Cookies will be featured at the SICFIT Scottsdale 6 Year Anniversary Party Open-House-A-Pooloza and FITness Expo on the 23rd of this month. After tasting them, you will definitely want to whip up a batch for your next potluck, or just for a treat. Here’s the recipe!


1000 Meter row | switch every 100 meters
1000 Single jump ropes | switch every 100 jumps
100 Push ups | switch every 10
200 Sit ups | switch every 20
300 Air squats | switch every 30
1000 Single jump ropes | switch every 100 jumps
1000 Meter row | switch every 100 meters

What’s Your Stat?


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, August 8, 2014

Sometimes making decisions in our personal and professional lives can be quite difficult. There are many tools out there to help us chose the best path to pursue: making a list of pros and cons; talking out the options with someone we trust; imagining the possible outcomes of each option. While these strategies are helpful in many circumstances, sometimes when it comes to decision making we just need to go with our gut.

Next time you’re stuck between the options and can’t decide what route to take, the 3d Sports Life Coaches at Patterson Sports Ventures would recommend you ask yourself to “stat” each possibility on a scale from 1-10. Don’t think about it too much, just go with your gut instinct. The rule is, choose which option that receives the best stat, and only pursue a possibility if you stat it at an 8 or better. When we make 8-10 decisions, we will always see 8-10 results!

Winners Hector and Judy showing off the Guns!

Winners Hector and Judy showing off the Guns!

Foam roll + bands + pvc + partner stretch
5 Rounds
1 Minute row or run @ 50% capacity
1 Minute row or run @ 75% capacity
11 Minute EMOM
8 Dumbbell push press
8-10 Reverse pull up
11 Minute EMOM
7 Single arm kettle bell swing each side
15 Mountain climbers each side

Keep the Bulls on Your Eye


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, August 7. 2014

With it being the beginning of a brand new month, it’s the perfect opportunity to set some real, tangible goals that we can use to keep us motivated through the rest of the summer.  What can we accomplish by the time the weather starts to shift? Maybe this goal is gym-related, or maybe we have something a little more personal in mind.  No matter what you have your gaze set upon, let’s focus our target and aim for bull’s eye!


Barbell complex DL/R/HPC/FS/P/PP
3 Rounds
6-8 Deadlift 6-8
20 Second rest
20 Unbroken kettle bell swings
3 Minute rest
1000 Meter row
Then, 3 rounds of 10 thrusters + 20 Pull ups + 30 hand release push ups
Then, run or row 300 meters
LIFE: 4 Minute row + 10 barbell push press + ring row + 10 push up
FITNESS: 10 barbell thrusters + 10 jumping pull + 30 push up
SPORT: 105/75

Photo by: Christian Gidlöf

Functional Warm Up Sequence from Flexibility Rx


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Functional Warm-up Sequence 

This is the first of six sequences from Kevin Kula’s upcoming book, “The Perfect Squat Prescription” that can be used as part of a warmup or on an active rest day.  FleixbilityRx will be releasing the sequences along with seven flexibility triplets for the squat over the next few months. The triplets re-introduce some of the fundamental stretches I have covered in a specific context – one for each of the seven points of performance of the squat.

For an archive of exercises, check out my SICFIT blog and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. If you haven’t already downloaded my free guide, “The SquatRx Guide” visit www.FlexibilityRx.com.

This sample template includes five types of exercises:

breathing/stabilization (banded breathing)

hip dominant (good morning)

leg dominant: single-leg (Bulgarian split squat)

core (side plank)

shoulder (wall slide)

These five categories include many of the elements of an effective warm-up: breathing, glute activation, hip-hinge pattern, single-leg stability, core activation, and active shoulder prep.


Gymnastics ring row + push up + holds + l-sit + tucks
5×5 Muscle snatch with barbell only
3 Rounds 10 steps OH walking lunge
5 – 3 – 1 Press strict
6 Minute max wall balls
1 Minute rest
6 Minute max calorie row


Race Day on the Grid at SICFIT Scottsdale

This weekend was full of many firsts! The first ever Grid race outside the NPGL was completed here at SICFIT Scottsdale! The first ever event of competitive fitness to have LIFE-FITNESS-SPORT athletes working on the same team, racing to the finish. This was the first time many students at SICFIT Scottsdale competed in any fitness competition EVER!  Athletes ranging in age from 5 to 55 years of age came together to push themselves past their comfort zone and felt true strength of a team!

SICFIT Scottsdale is your home away from home and our team is here to support you and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Thank you for trusting us with your FITNESS (and LIFE and SPORT) goals, and we hope to continue helping you destroy any boundaries you think you had! Thanks again for your participation, everyone had a blast.

Got your competitive itch? Next stop, SICest of the Southwest III. Old School meets new sport in the GRID lot on December 6th. Fitness and Sport teams will battle it out to see who will be crowned the SICest of the Southwest. Registration opens mid August at www.sicfit.com


GRID Racing at SICFIT Scottsdale. Race Day

Learn to GRID at SICFIT Scottsdale

Anniversary + Open House + Fitness Expo


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anytime SICFIT Scottsdale throws a party you know its going to be a good time! Our 6th Year Anniversary Open-House-a-Palooza is going to be no exception! Gather your friends and family — the fit-fanatics and the fitness-phobics alike — because in our opinion the more the merrier and we have tons of entertainment, information, food, and FITness to share! Mark your calendars for Saturday, 8/23, anytime between 7:30-2:00pm. We look forward to seeing you all there!
SICFIT Scottsdale Open-House-A-Pooloza And Fitness Expo.

3×10 Push up + sit up + air squat + burpee + ring row
3 Each with barbell
Deadlift + hang clean + front squat + push press + back squat + push jerk
Then, 20 minutes to build to heave triple power clean
9 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 1
Power clean + burpee over bar
LIFE: Hang clean + push press #45/35
FITNESS: #65-95 / #45-75
SPORT: #155-185 / #95-135

Back to Baseline


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, August 4, 2014

You know those workouts you look at and think to yourself, “Oh, this one doesn’t look so bad”? The SICFIT Scottsdale Baseline is one of those workouts! Not only is this a deceptively taxing physical challenge, it is an extremely effective tool at measuring physical capacity. The Baseline test scrutinizes nearly every marker of physical fitness, from cadrio-repiratory endurance, to strength, to balance and coordination. As SICFITTERS, we have all been subjected to the baseline test at least once, and today we get a shot at redemption to not only show that test whose boss, but to show ourselves how far we have come since out SICFIT debut!

Rowing Helen Challenge Finals at CrossFit Scottsdale

The SICFIT Scottsdale Baseline Test:
500 Meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit ups
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups

Baseline at 50% capacity
5 minute walking rest
Baseline at 100% capacity
10 Minute walking rest
1/2 Baseline at 50% capacity

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