So Fresh, So Clean


Fun Fact: Eccentric movements induce greater muscle protein synthesis, and therefore greater gains in strength, when compared to similar movements involving concentric contractions. A slight downfall is that eccentric contractions have a greater potential for tension-induced muscle damage. However, movements combining eccentric and concentric components >  either of the two performed alone.



Strength In Conditioning 

Skill- Hang squat clean

A) EMOM x10min
Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat
*Build weight every set, or every other set
(L- if weight is light do 5 reps hang squat clean every minute)

B) E2MOM x10min (5 sets)
Front rack lunge x10
*Use a moderate load, focus on strong core, push with both legs

C) For time:
50 air squats
40 cal row
30 toes to bar
20 hang power cleans (L-barbell, F-65/95, S-95/135)
10 burpees over the bar (L- normal burpees)

Skips, Hops, Leaps, and Bounds… Oh My!


In order to promote adaptations to endurance exercise, we need to challenge the body by creating tissue hypoxia, which can be achieved by performing exercise of long duration OR high intensity exercise that exceeds our level of comfort (specifically, our cardiorespiratory and circulatory capacity). This increases oxygen delivery to muscles by increasing cardiac output, capillary density and respiratory capacity.



Strength in Conditioning 

A1) Deadlift x5
A2) Lying Split Leg Lifts (scissor kicks) x12/side
Rest 1-2 minutes

B) 5 rounds for time:
Squat jumps x8
Bicycle kicks x16/side
Jump rope x24
Rest 2 minutes

C) 5 rounds for time:
Burpee x8
Mountain climbers x16/side
Jump rope x24



FUN FACT FRIDAY: Drinking excessive water before exercising (hyperhydrating) may actually dilute plasma volume, and quickly escapes the body via sweating or diuresis. A better option to stay hydrated while exercising, especially in the heat, is to consume a beverage containing sodium. Sodium is effective in maintaining plasma volume and enhances fluid retention during exercise. STAY HYDRATED, FRIENDS!


photo 3


Strength in Conditioning

Skill- Handstand
– Arms straight
– Ears between shoulders
– Hollow body on ground
– Wall walk
– Kick one leg
– kick both legs
– hold
2-3x max effort hold with partner, only rest while partner is holding

A) Take 8 minutes to establish 1RM Strict shoulder press

B) For time:
Hand stand push up
Kettle bell swing
Box jump
(Life- start at 20 reps)

+ cool down stretch shoulders

Level II Testing Tonight





Strength In Conditioning

A) For time:
2-4-6-8-6-4-2 unbroken reps
Strict dip & Strict pull up
L- close grip push up & bands
F- box/parallette dip & partner pull up
S- ring dip & strict pull up or chest to bar pull up
*Unbroken sets. Breaking up a set calls for 5 burpees each time.

B) 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 of each
straight leg crunches, knees bent crunches, legs up crunches, mountain
*Short :30 break between sets



photo 3


Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Presses
– Bench
– Strict Overhead
– Push Press
– Push Jerk (No feet movement, drop under)
– Power Jerk (jump and catch)
– Split Jerk (sport purposes)
*Do 10 reps of each

A) Push Press x10, 10, 10, + max effort
Sport- Any Jerk x5,5,5,5
Rest 1-2 minutes
*Use the same weight each time, if it’s light rest less, if it’s heavy rest

B) EMOM x18
*Max effort sets for 1 full minute, immediate transition to next
movement, everyone rests at the same time
1- Pull-up (jumping, no bands)
2- Hang power clean
3- Push Press (from ground)
4- box jump
5- mountain climbers
6- rest

+ cool down stretch

Kick Monday In The Rear



Strength In Conditioning

A) Deadlift x10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6
Rest 1 minute between sets
Increase weight if possible
(Sport- 6,6,4,4,4 rest 2 min)

B) 5 min AMRAP
10 step ups
10 russian kettle bell swings
L- 5-20
F- 25-45

C) 25-20-15-10-5
Jump rope (Sport- DU)
Sit up

ooOOooOOooOo would you look at that, it’s Friday the 13th!


FREE FITNESS FRIDAY! Join us at Natural Grocers at 9:00am for some fellowship and a fun workout.
* Reminder: All classes tomorrow, Saturday 5/14, will be at Northsight park



Strength In Conditioning

A) EMOM x10min
1- Push Press x8 (weight starts on the ground)
2- kettle bell swing x12
rest 2 minutes

B) EMOM x10min
1- wall ball x12
2- Lying leg lift x12
rest 3 minutes

C) EMOM x10min
1- Pull up x8
2- wall sit :45 seconds

Show Us Whatcha Got


Remember to cheer on coach Jorge tomorrow and this weekend as he will be in Dallas competing in the 2016 CrossFit Regionals in hopes of continuing on to the Games! All of the regional workouts will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2. Workout details can be found online.




Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Power clean and Jerk

A) Power Clean and Jerk
4×3, 4×2
rest 1-2 minutes between sets, stay around 60-75% of 1RM and focus
on speed.

B1) Box jump x4 (no rebound)
B2) Plyo push up x6 (jump only, clapping, to platform, anything goes!)
Rest :30
X8 rounds

C) For time:
Run small lap after each set.

Chest Pump





Strength In Conditioning

A) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets)
Bench press
1st- 10 reps
2nd- 8 reps
3rd- 6 reps
4th- 4 reps
5th- 2 reps
*Increase weight every time
Life- Push ups :30 max effort every set

B) 3 rounds for time:
10 ring rows
30 crunches
10 pull ups
15 V-ups
Life- jumping pull ups, lying knee tucks
F- strict pull ups, knee tucks if necessary
S- Chest to bar pull ups

+ 1 mile jog or walk (sport- 2 mile jog)

Row All Your Problems Away




Strength In Conditioning

A) Back Squat x8,8,8,6,6
(Life- 3×15)
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

B1) Step up x16
B2) 25 bicycle kicks/side
Rest 1 min
(F&S add weight by DB or KB)

C) For time:
Row 100m
Rest 1 minute
Row 200m
Rest :45
Row 300m
Rest :30
Row 400m
Rest :15
Row 500m

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