Gymnastics Fun



Strength In Conditioning

Skill- strict ring muscle up (15-20 minutes)
– false grip
– false grip ring row x15
– face pull on rings x15
– false grip static hang on rings x15 seconds total
– support on rings 2x 15 seconds
– muscle down (toes on ground) x10
– muscle up (toes on ground) x10
– ring muscle up x??
*Everyone should be able to do these exercises. If they cannot do an
exercise let them work before moving on. Possibly use a band to provide
better leverage.

A) For time:
100 sit ups
20 double unders/ 150 jump ropes
75 kettle bell swings
20 double unders/ 150 jump ropes
50 air squats
20 double unders/ 150 jump ropes
25 box jumps
20 double unders/ 150 jump ropes
L- 50 calf raises instead of jump rope, step up

Booty Work




Strength In Conditioning

A) EMOM x10
Deadlift x2, make consistent weight increases every one, two or three

B) 4 rounds for times:
Row 300m
10 straight leg deadlifts
20 wall ball shots
rest 2 minutes
L- Kettlebell DL and air squats
F- 30-40% of weight in A, 10-14# Med ball
S- 40-50% of weight in A, 14-20# med ball

+cool down and roll out

Gobble, Gobble


Strength In Conditioning

A1) Turkish get up x3/arm
A2) Side lying leg lifts x15/side
A3) Hollow Rock x15
Rest 1 minute
X3 sets

B) 1 minute stations max reps
Russian Swing, Single arm KB high pull/arm, single arm KB clean/arm
X2 sets through
:30 rest between stations, 2 min rest between rounds
S- Do KB snatch instead of clean

Push & Pull



Strength In Conditioning 

Skill- kipping pull up
Every :30 seconds
Pull-up (you choose amount of reps, must be unbroken sets only)
L-jumping pull up, F- banded kip or kipping, S- butterfly
*Then everyone does 2x 15 DB curls and tricep extensions

B1) Max effort push ups unbroken
Rest :30
B2) Max effort weighted strict sit ups unbroken
Rest 1 minute
L- knees or elevated PU, F- knees or toes PU, S- weighted PU
*Max effort means speed and consistency. Once you slow down or break
you are done.

C) 3 rounds for time:
Row 300m
10 burpees

Pop, Lock, and Drop It




Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Hang Squat Clean & Jerk
*Focus on the skill of getting under bar and catching it as you descend.

A) Every 2 minutes x16 minutes
Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang squat Clean + Jerk

B) Overhead squat x5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Rest 2 minutes between sets
*Add weight each time
L- PVC x5 every set

C) With a partner for time:
Farmers Carry small lap
Ball slam x 30
Front Rack carry small lap
Knee tuck x50

Put Your Feet In The Air And Wave ‘Em Like You Just Don’t Care


FUN FACT FRIDAY: Combining carbs with protein not only helps you stay fuller longer, but also aids in stabilizing blood sugar. “Slow” carbs, or foods that are fiber-rich, are more desirable than “fast” carbs. Slow carbs are digested more slowly, and therefore also aid in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.




Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Handstand hold/walk
~10-15 min

A) 100 air squats
75 push ups
50 sit ups
25 handstand push ups
Run 3 big laps or row 1000m
L- 2x 25 reps of each exercise





Strength In Conditioning

A1) Single arm DB row x8-10/side
A2) Single leg Romanian Deadlift x8-10/side
A3) Strict weighted sit ups x10
Rest 1-2 minutes
Rest 3 minutes only, then

B1) Strict Pull-up x5 (Use partners, not bands)
B2) walking Lunge :30
B3) Jump rope :60 (single foot at a time)
Rest 1 minute
L-Ring row, static lunge

C) EMOM x5 min
Start with 6 reps, add 1 every minute
L- 5 step back burpees

Tate Akopyan: Athlete of the Month


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.28.06 AM

The picture on the far left is Tate’s most recent “before” picture, taken this past January, and the picture on the far right was taken just a couple weeks ago. Seen clearly, Tate has made astounding progress and has come SO far!

Tate originally joined the SICFIT family in 2013, and came back to us at the beginning of this year after a year off with her family, ready to get back on track with her fitness after having her 2nd daughter. Since then, she’s moved beyond her “starting over” routine to tackle anything and everything thrown at her! Tate is a shining example of our motto: SHOW UP, DON’T QUIT!

A Little Bit About Tate:


1. I was born in Yerevan, Armenia

2. I moved to the US with my parents and two older brothers when I was four years old. We lived in LA until I was ten then moved to AZ. I’ve called Phoenix home for the past 18 years.

3. My family is made up of my husband and our two little girls. Isabella who just turned 2 years old and our 10 month old baby girl Ariana.

4. I graduated from ASU with a bachelors in Early Childhood Education. Before the birth of my oldest I taught Pre-K for two years with the Scottsdale School District. I loved every moment of it.

5. My worst job would have to be when I was working at Dave and Busters as a hostess then server while going to college. But I ended up meeting my husband there when he was one of my customers so it wasn’t to bad.

6. My best job is of course being a mom to my two little girls and when I was a teacher to my 50 incredible students. One of them being Miss Camille Kayyem.

7. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher growing up. When I was little kid in LA I would bring home all the extra worksheets from the classroom and play “teacher” with my friends and give the papers to them as their assignment.

8. My biggest challenge right now during my training is always being the last one to finish. I’ve felt myself become stronger and faster from when I first started. I lift heavier I run faster but no matter what I do I seem to always be the last one to finish the workout.

9. My goal originally was to lose ten pounds which I ended up doing. I’m very proud to have reached a healthy weight that is less then what it was before having kids. My new goal I have set for myself is to keep lifting heavier, become stronger during pull ups so one day I won’t have to use a box or a band and achieve my box jumps. I have for the first time muscle in my arms and I really want to start seeing definition everywhere else to.

10. My greatest accomplishment outside of the gym are my two daughters. I love spending my days with them. Playing with them, reading them books, trying to give them the best childhood I can. My greatest accomplishment in the gym is reaching a weight that is less then what It was before kids. And also being able to lift much heavier then what I was able to in the beginning. That’s not something I thought I could do.

11. My WHY is my two girls. I want them to always know what eating healthy and looking healthy looks like. I want it to be 2nd nature for them to make the healthy eating choices throughout their life. I also want them to know and see that commitment and hard work will always pay off.

Fitness! Yeah!




Strength In Conditioning

Skill: Overhead Squat
-Straight arms facing a wall
-Dumbbell/kettlebell (only with good mobility)
x15 reps of each

A) Build to 12RM OHS
Life- 5×12 with PVC

B) 20-15- 10-5
Ring row
Snatch grip shoulder press (L-barbell, F-55/75, Sport-75/95)
Calorie Row
Wall ball

+ stretch

Buns and Thighs


249 (2)


Strength In Conditioning

A1) Back Squat x10-8- 6-5- 4
A2) Lying Leg lift x12
Rest 1-2 min
*Increase weight every time

B) Step up x20 total
Rest 2 minutes
F&S- Add weight if possible
L- Lunges if necessary

C) 3 rounds for time:
Row 500m + 10 chin ups
Rest 1 minute

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