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Owner/Strength In Conditioning Coach



Luke Kayyem was born in Los Angeles, raised in Palm Springs and grew up in Hawaii. By spending every minute outside as a child, sports, athletics and fitness were not only a passion but quickly became a lifestyle. Luke attended the same prep school (Punahou in Oahu) as our President Barack Obama and continued his education in athletics playing football in San Diego and Baseball in Sacramento. Luke married his high school sweet heart Najla and has two beautiful children, Kanon and Camille. After moving to Scottsdale in October of 2007 Luke began his manifest destiny and started building his dream of owning and operating one of Arizona’s fastest growing Schools of Fitness. His success in the fitness industry as a Fitness Professional began 15 years ago.

When Luke first started in the industry he was 19 years old and bodybuilding was “all the rage”. Luke went from running a 45,000 sq.ft. “globo gym” to opening his own 150 sq.ft personal training studio. “I began to change my programming and I noticed greater client results when I was forced to incorporate functional movements, due to the size of my facility,” said Coach Kayyem. Functional FITness, such as squatting, jumping, pushing, and pulling became the focal point of his workouts. A regimen like this teaches you how to use your body as a machine. Incorporating these principals in his team training has allowed Luke to coach 100 students in a day and even train seniors alongside soldiers. Luke is a Competitive FITness athlete and world renowned Coach.

Luke is a board member of Arizona Baseball Charities, he prides himself on his community service and has been able to integrate community based events and non-profit support into the his School of FITness community and network and has personally raised over $50,000 to Arizona’s youth who can not afford little league baseball equipment.

Luke is a featured writer and blogger for SICFIT his stories touch the heart and educate the masses.




Success lab Podcast interview on the 4 rules of Success by Luke Kayyem


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    • Certifications
      SealFit Level I

    • USAW Certified United States
      America Olympic Weightlifting
      Sports Performance
    • OPT CCP Life Coaching
    • OPT CCP Program Design
    • OPT CCP NutritionFITness Accomplishments 2011
        • CrossFit Certifications Level I Certified/Kids Certified/Gymnastics Certified/Joint Mobility & Recovery Certified/Olympic lifting

      1. 1000 pull ups + 1000 push ups 4:56
      2. KOKORO Camp 16 SEALFIT Academy
      3. PF Chang half Marathon 1:26
      4. PF Chang full Marathon 3:53

Competitive Edge 2010-2012

1. 2012 Marine Corps Challenge – 1st Place
2. 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Team Competitor
3. 2012 Garage Games – 2nd Place
4. 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier
5. 2011 Friday Night Lights, CrossFit Open Qualifier – 1st place
6. 2011 Winter Open – 4th Place
7. 2011 The Courage Games – 4th Place
8. 2011 Southwest Throwdown – 11th Place
9. 2011 Mad Mud Run, 2 man Co-ed Team – 1st Place
10. 2010 Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Team Competitor
11. 2010 Mad Mud Run, 2 man Co-ed Team – 1st Place

CONTACT LUKE GYM 480.922.3253 // CELL 760.333.0959 14885 N. 83rd PLACE STE. 103 // Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Luke@sicfit.com // www.sicfitscottsdale.com
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Najla Kayyem

Owner/ Strength In Conditioning Coach


Everyone knows that finding time for fitness isn’t always easy but it needs to be a priority. It was right after my second child that I decided to really hit it hard with my FITness training. 7 months after I really got serious about training, I had dropped 25 pounds, changed my eating habits and got in the best shape of my life at 30. It was fascinating to me that I was getting faster, leaner and stronger doing less cardio and spending less time in the gym (actually doing physical exercise vs. reading US Weekly on the elliptical). I grew up in Palm Springs, California, played competitive Varsity sports in High School and stayed active through my college years at San Diego State University where I graduated in 2001 with a BA in Communications. I immediately went to work for a development firm to build, manage, market and operate mixed-use retail lifestyle centers and married my life partner and high school sweetheart, Luke. Prior to owning CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by Kayyem Fitness and dedicating the last five years to the health and fitness industry I spent 12 years in the Real Estate Development arena as the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for various prominent mixed use commercial real estate development companies including Westfield, Caruso Affiliated, Related Companies and Red Development. Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer for SICFIT, a FITness lifestyle brand and media company that showcases FITness as from push up to podium. Additionally, I consult for FITness facilities nationally helping them get to the next level by achieving their business goals and create lasting marketing and branding platforms and programs that help promote their business, increase student retention, enhance coaching practices and establish them as a leader in their market. I believe that the true beauty of functional FITness is that it is scalable, effective and efficient making it the perfect application for any committed individual. Functional movements are essential for independent living thus this program works for everyone regardless of age, ability or strength. SICFIT Scottsdale is an Integrated Fitness Facility we offer you the appropriate training, teamwork, accountability, nutrition counseling, camaraderie, an outlet for competition, challenges, seminars and overall education to enable you to live a healthier happier lifestyle. At the end of the day, I practice what I preach. I love my job. I love my life. I love my family and the fact that I can have such a profound, positive effect on changing people’s lives through health and FITness. The highlight of my day (besides coming home to two beautiful kids) is seeing the empowerment that people feel when they are able to accomplish their athletic, fitness, and health goals. Learn more about me.

  • Certifications/Training:

  • Level 1 CrossFit Certified
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
  • CrossFit Endurance Certified