Functional Warm Up Sequence from Flexibility Rx


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Functional Warm-up Sequence 

This is the first of six sequences from Kevin Kula’s upcoming book, “The Perfect Squat Prescription” that can be used as part of a warmup or on an active rest day.  FleixbilityRx will be releasing the sequences along with seven flexibility triplets for the squat over the next few months. The triplets re-introduce some of the fundamental stretches I have covered in a specific context – one for each of the seven points of performance of the squat.

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This sample template includes five types of exercises:

breathing/stabilization (banded breathing)

hip dominant (good morning)

leg dominant: single-leg (Bulgarian split squat)

core (side plank)

shoulder (wall slide)

These five categories include many of the elements of an effective warm-up: breathing, glute activation, hip-hinge pattern, single-leg stability, core activation, and active shoulder prep.


Gymnastics ring row + push up + holds + l-sit + tucks
5×5 Muscle snatch with barbell only
3 Rounds 10 steps OH walking lunge
5 – 3 – 1 Press strict
6 Minute max wall balls
1 Minute rest
6 Minute max calorie row