The SquatRx Guide


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visit to download a copy of the SquatRx Guide. The guide breaks the squat down into seven points of performance. If you struggle to keep your knees out, keep your torso upright, or get your hips below parallel – each point of performance is explained and contains exercises that will immediately improve your form.

This flexibility training guide will allow you to eliminate pain, resolve injury, and add more weight to your lifts. Essential stretches for ankle, hip, thoracic, and shoulder flexibility are provided, along with exercises for better core stabilization, single-leg stability, and joint-centration. Improve your movement competency and capacity to get stronger with the Stretch-to-Win® “Great-8” Stretch Matrix, flexibility assessments, and a pre-workout template that will guarantee your Squat is Rx.

– Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexiblityRx™


5 Rounds
1 Minute jump rope
30 Seconds dynamic movement
7 Minute EMOM
5 Wall ball with perfect form and depth

6 Minute EMOM
12 Kettle bell swings

5 Minute EMOM
8 Box upBox up

50-40-30-20-10 double under+ sit up
LIFE: Ball slams or wall balls | box step up step down “20 “24 | single unders + 10 sit ups
FITNESS: Jump up step down  20” 24” | Start and finish with double under
SPORT: 75/96 Kettle bell|  box jump 26” 30”