The Lil’ Beasts are Coming


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Lil’ beasts are back in action starting next week, July 14-18th. Watch out because from 9am-12pm every day, SICFIT Scottsdale is going to be buzzing with beastly activities! SICFIT Scottsdale’s Lil’ Beast Summer Camps teaches kids how FUN(ctional) fitness can be, how healthy foods taste great and make you feel even better, and how working as a team towards a common goal is totally super awesome! Sign your Lil’ Beast up for the action!
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500 Meter row
300 Meter run
Leg swings & arm circles
4 Rounds
5 Deadlift
5 Seated dumbbell/kettlebell press
5 Dips
20 Second rest between lifts
2 Minute rest after each round
LIFE: 10 Barbell deadlift | 10 seated db/kb press |7 negative push up (40×1)
FITNESS: 5 Negative bar dips
SPORT: 5 Deadlift (30×1)
3 Rounds for time
Walking lunge 20 steps
15 Pull ups
LIFE:  Lunge | ring row
FITNESS:  Lunge | jumping pull ups
SPORT: 5 Strict or weighted pull ups