SICFIT Scottsdale’s Race Day

Over the last few years the FITness industry has exploded due to the creation of new, fun, competitive sports. People all over the world have begun to push the limits of human performance and in turn have become SIC athletes! Now, with the introduction of Grid, athletes are able to specialize in specific aspects of FITness. We will soon see circus freak gymnastics, monolithic strength, and unstoppable cardio, all on the same team. However, the most important part of the game will be strategy. Even the team with the FITtest players can be dominated by a well executed plan of attack. This is what we will be recreating on Race Day at SICFIT Scottsdale. Saturday, August 2nd at 8am, all LIFE, FITNESS and SPORT athletes are welcome and invited to participate in this incredibly fun, competitive fitness event! Please be sure to inquire as soon as possible, and we hope to see you all there!SICFIT Scottsdale