Happy 4th of July SICFIT Scottsdale.  No other holiday in America represents SICFIT like the fourth. Freedom, family and fitness. In honor of this special day I will be leading a group up Pinnacle Peak this Friday July 4th at 5:30 am. A few of us have been coming together on early Saturday mornings consistently all of June and decided to get one more in before the weekend celebration. This is truly a special parkway that is enjoyable for all ages and fitness levels. Both my kids Kanon (7) and Camille (6) have hiked and ran the mountain. Then you are all invited to come back to SICFIT Scottsdale and enjoy an additional class on us. Class times on July 4th are at 8am & 12pm ONLY. Bring a friend!

Kids camp session one was an amazing and delightful joy to have over 15 kids learning nutrition and fitness from our team of coaches. The second session and the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Teens program still have spaces available. Our 6th annual jump rope- a thon not only created some buzz on the local television stations it   was because of our amazing members who helped raise over $4,500. This month the theme around the gym and Scottsdale seems to be traveling, so why not start out this newsletter with some tips to stay on track this summer travel season.
  1. Pack a soft cooler with you wherever you go. Invest is some quality ice packs that can keep cold water, fruit and even meals fresh.
  2. Head into a grocery store for road trip meals. We love running into Trader Joes on the way out of town to get some fun fit snacks. Some of my personal favorites. Chicken salad & berries for lunch. Kind bars, apples and almond butter for snacks and macadamia nuts, bananas & dark chocolate for dessert. If you have kids put them in charge and let them be the chef for a meal.
  3. Be sure to pack plastic forks, spoons, knives and napkins. Tuck a plastic grocery bag in the side of your cooler for your trash.
Now sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful country without the fear of fast food, relatives and bad barbecues.
If you head south to San Diego this summer be sure to drop in to SICFIT San Diego located just east of the 805 & 15 freeways off of Miramar road across from the Naval base. As a current member of any SICFIT gym you can train at any one of our three locations. We are excited to announce our newest gym SICFIT El Paso which just recently opened it’s doors, so if you’re traveling to Texas be sure to drop in and get your workout on.  If you have no plans of leaving Arizona then you might as well spend some time with us getting FIT. As we tend to wear less clothes this time of year it is important to remember your abs are sculpted in the kitchen and your butt in the gym. Which is why we have added a few seminars, events and challenges to the summer school curriculum. Although we have sign up sheets on clip boards in the gym you can sign up right here for any events listed below. Just reply to this email with your name and what events you would like to register for.
Thank you all for your continued dedication and desire to be healthier.
Luke Kayyem
Order the latest SICFIT gear and stand out in a crowd this 4th of July weekend with our latest from the “Freedom” line. “Get Fit or Die” with the active line and look out this fall for the Arizona college collection ASU & U of A. Use promo code SICFIT for 10% off your order and pick up in the SIC store.
“Food as Fuel“ a free seminar on how and why to eat clean foods for LIFE | FITNESS | SPORT Thursday, July 17 at 7pm. If you’re more of a hands on learner mark your calender for our signature cooking show August 1st at 6pm for cooking with the Kayyem’s where Najla and I will show you how to shop, prep and cook healthy meal options for the entire family. $20 for members and $30 for couples. Dinner is included.
The Paleo kitchen cookbook with over 100 brand new recipes from Vanilla Bean Granola and Sweet Plantain Granola to Spaghetti Squash Chicken Fingers. A must have and excellent addition to any Chef’s kitchen.
Kayyem signature series part II and III
Muscle up clinic July 10th 7pm
Handstand Push up clinic Augutst 20th 7pm
Kids camp session II July 14-18th
Bigger Faster Stronger teens camp July 21-25
The SICEST of the Pacific West was a huge success for the island of Maui and race enthusiasts around the world. Mahalo for all the supporters that made the journey with us from SICFIT Scottsdale. Our very own Coach Sean Nugent and his partner Laura Lucky took 1st place in the co-ed intermediate division and SICFIT San Diego partner Johnny Grifiths took first in the mens RX division.
On Saturday, August 2nd at 9am SICFIT Scottsdale will be hosting it’s first Human Performance Race amongst the members and coaches of the gym. The race will start at 9am and immediately following we will celebrate with a barbecue and going away party for Coach Jaclyn Bobelick who is headed to U of A next month. This is event is $25 for members.
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