Bigger, Faster, Stronger Teen & Tween Athletic Camp


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, June 21, 2014

Things around SICFIT Scottsdale are about to get BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER, with the kick-off our Teens and Tweens Summer Camp! This camp will challenge your young athlete with age and ability appropriate strength in conditioning workouts, while encouraging them to develop their  teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. By the time this week is over, don’t be surprised if your teen is helping you mentally and physically strategize your workouts!


Jump rope 3 min + row 3 min
Jump rope 2 min + row 2 min
Jump rope 1 min + row 1 min
Big dynamic mobility pvc/foam roll/bands
1000 Meter row
50 Thrusters with 45 barbell
30 Pull ups for time
LIFE: PVC + ring rows
FITNESS: Jumping or kip