Unleash The Beasts!


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, June 16, 2014

SICFIT Scottsdale’s Lil’ Beasts Summer Camp begins this week! From 9am-12pm everyday this week our Lil’ Beasts will be learning how great it feels to be active and healthy! With different educational activities, kid friendly functional fitness workouts, yoga, and games planned for each day, this is definitely a camp your little one doesn’t want to miss out on!

OLY snatch progression
12 Minute EMOM
Odd minute: 3 tough power snatch not touch and go
Even minute: 7 burpee box jump/ step up
12 total minutes
7 Rounds
7 Power snatch + 21 double unders 7x rounds
LIFE: 45/35 + 30 single unders
FITness: 75/55
SPORT: 95/65