Fitness No Ka Oi


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fitness No Ka Oi is the name of the game today, in celebration of the test and spectacle of fitness taking place right now in Maui, Hawaii at the SICEST of the Pacific West. This Hawaiian phrase translates to “the best,” which is what SPW will determine by the end of this weekend in competitive paradise: who on the island is “the best” at overall fitness. Today at SICFIT Scottsdale we get a taste of what the SICEST athletes must endure to be named “Fitness No Ka Oi.” To Experience more of the SICEST of the Pacific West competitive fitness event, watch live coverage streaming at
“Fitness No Ka Oi”
Teams of two for time:
120 Air squats (combined A/B)
100 Hand release push-ups (combined A/B)
Walking Lunges 100’ (A)
Walking Lunges 100’ (B)
Wheel Barrel 100’ (A)
Wheel Barrel 100’ (B)
Bear crawl 50’ (A)
Partner carry 50’ (A carries B)
Bear crawl 50’ (B)
Partner carry 50’ (B carries A)
60 Hand Release Burpees (A/B)
500 Row each twice
*LIFE if possible put with someone of similar levels and scale as needed, coach all movements indoors and sub partner carry with plate walk