Marc Lutz completes 1 million meters on his concept 2 rower

This month we celebrate a regular on the podium for our Athlete of the month at SICFIT Scottsdale. Mr. Marc Lutz has accomplished something I never imagined was possible or that anyone would want to do. Not only did he purchase a Concept 2 rower for his house 2 years ago he decided to row 1 million meters on it. A daunting task that a majority of his meters over 500,000 coming in the past 6 months alone. At an average of 5,000 meters per visit per day Marc would sometimes row 20,000 meters in a weekend. On top of training exclusively 3 days a week Marc enjoys the outdoors including running Pinnacle Peak (back to back) shooting at Ben Avery and watching horror films. Just recently Marc had a personal record in the hang clean and jerk #185. His bench press #175 and his kipping pull ups unbroken with 10. One of Marc’s greatest attributes to me is his ability to adapt to anything including change. Thank you Marc for encouraging us all to work harder and never say no. You are a special person and as big a part of our community as the rowers themselves. Cheers and a Happy Birthday to you.