Jump Rope Gone Mad


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, May 16, 2014

Have you ever jumped rope with your eyes closed before? If not, today at SICFIT Scottsdale is the perfect time to start! Inspired by our functional-fitness, ready-for-anything, strength-in-conditioning philosophy, we are using our jump ropes today to challenge everything from balance and coordination, to stamina and endurance, to the ability to remain focused under fatigue and tension. And of course, all of this is after a pretty gnarly strength session! Enjoy your friday workout, everyone!
Kids Jump Rope .

Muscle snatch 5×5
Hang power snatch 3×3
Behind the neck push press  4×5
Overhead squats 3×10
10 Minute Jump rope maze
Singles, left leg, right leg, high knees, front to back, side to side, happy feet, double under, eyes closed, singles