FlexRx to a Stronger Squat


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who doesn’t want to strengthen their squat? The Exercise of the Week from FlexibilityRx is designed to do just that, and will improve your pistols to boot!


“The B-Stance Squat is a challenging single leg exercise that transfers over into a stronger squat and more stable single leg movements.  Assess your strength per side and perform more reps on the weaker leg. This movement is greater for stability and motor control and can be incorporated into a warmup with just the barbell.  For a video on the B-Stance squat, check out this great article by Bret Contreras.” – Kevin Kula of FlexibilityRx

Barbell progression off ground
Deadlift + Hang Clean + Press + Back Squat
7 Minute EMOM of 7 back squats
7 Minute EMOM of 7 hang power clean
Tabata burpees
*Score is lowest round