SICEST of the Pacific West


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hold on to your bikini or board shorts because SICEST of the Pacific West from the beautiful beaches of the Sheraton Kaanapali is coming up fast! Today’s workout is a sneak peak of what you can expect as a competitor, but there are more ways that you can participate in this fitness competition. Follow the links below to register as a competitor, volunteer, or judge. See you on the Island June 7th and 8th!
Movement prep
Teams of 2:
6 Alternating Rounds (3 rounds per partner)
250 Meter row
15 Kettle bell swings/russian  #55/35
15 Burpees
250 Meter row
Score is total time
Partner A starts strapped in to their rower with the drag set on 5, athlete may change it only after the workout begins. Kettle bell swings start with the kettle bell on the floor and end when the kettle bell is over head and the athletes ear is visible in front of the arm. The kettle bell does not need to be straight over head. For Russian swings, the ball of the kettle bell must be even with the athlete’s nose. Burpees start and end in the standing position. Athlete can drop anyway they want but must have quads and chest touch the ground and get back to 12 o’clock with a small jump and clap overhead.