Sharing SICFIT is Caring for FITness


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When we participate in something that benefits our lives in the way that SICFIT Scottsdale’s Strength in Conditioning does, we naturally want to share it with the people we care about. We get that, and we want to help you help your friends and family! This is why for an entire week, 4/14 to 4/19, we will be offering free classes for your guest! With your help and influence, you may just change someone’s life! Email to reserve your guest’s spot. Check the class calendar for times.

Change at life at CrossFit Scottsdale


3 Minute jump rope
10 Up dog + down dog
Leg swings + bottom of squat
3 Rounds
5 Strict pull up + 1 second pause at top
5 Strict dip
30 Second jump rope
Back squat 2×10 barbell 1×5 6×3 20X1
Wall ball + burpee
50 Heavy med ball sit ups
*for quality