Show You What You’re Made Of!


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, March 14, 2014

How many times at SICFIT Scottsdale have you looked at the workout online or on the white board and thought to yourself, “…there is no way I am going to make it through this alive!”? And of all those occasions, how many have you proven yourself wrong about? We are group of expectation exceeders and goal defeaters here at SICFIT. We understand that physical fitness isn’t just about loosing weight and flexing your muscles in the mirror; its about bringing down your walls and building confidence. Let SICFIT Scottsdale help you uncover what you’re truly made of: strength, empowerment, and pure awesomeness!

Run big lap
2 Minute Row
2 Minute Airdyne
2 min Jump rope
Farmers carry
Prowler sleds 50-135 on each side
1 Minute high/high + max stones
1 Minute high/low + max stones
1 Minute low/low + max stone
5 Minute break
300 Meter farmers carry
*Each time you set down KB run a lap back to your KB for time*
FITNESS: #55/35
SPORT: #75/55