PaleO.G. [original gangster] Nutrition Seminar

Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have you been to SICFIT Scottsdale’s PaleoO.G. Nutritional seminar yet? Ok…  Its actually called “Food as Fuel” but it is definitely original and if you come you will definitely become a paleo gangster! If you have questions about carbs, protein, supplements, what it means to eat like a caveperson, and how it will help you reach your goals, then this meeting is pretty much required homework for you! The seminar starts at 7:30pm and its completely free to attend! Please, join us!



Turkish get ups
 3×5 Working sets
5 Rounds
Row 125 meters
30 Seconds of kettle bell swings
30 Seconds of burpees
2 Minute rest
5 Minute plank
*3 burpees every time you break*