Yoga for Athletes Workshop: Unleash your Potential


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Think Yoga is easy? Think its for skinny chicks who have never picked up a barbell in their lives? Think again! Yoga is an ancient practice designed to unleash one’s fullest potential physically, mentally, and energetically. The benefits that yoga offers athletes and fitness-focued individuals are countless. Just like Strength in Conditioning FITness, Yoga is a discipline requiring hard work and dedication. If you are ready to challenge your body, mind, and spirit to unlock your potential in the gym and outside of it, join SICFIT Scottsdale and Kari Ann Levine for this exclusive, Yoga for Athletes Workshop on Saturday, March 8th at 3pm. Make sure you reserve your sport here or at the gym before it fills up!


Rope climbs
Handstand pushups
LIFE: Heavy med balls + rope squats + rope pulls + plank+ inverted push up
100 Wall balls + EMOM 3 hand release burpees
LIFE: 50 wall balls
FITNESS: 20/14
SPORT: 30 or Dballs