The Hip Bone is Connected to the… Everything


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It’s all connected, baby! This is especially true for the muscles and joints that keep our core strong, stable, and mobile. If you are experiencing pain or tightness in, say, your lower back, it may actually be a result of tight glutes. Hip flexors causing you trouble in your squats? Or maybe your lats limit your mobility in overhead presses? Releasing some low back tension may be just what the doctor ordered. Try these Lower Core Four stretches from FlexibilityRX everyday and the gains in the gym you have been trying to achieve may suddenly become yours! Keep checking back to the SICFIT Scottsdale blog for more fitness tips and tricks!



50 Sit ups
50 Super persons
50 Pelvic thrusts
300 Meter run
150 Meter walk
Single arm kettle bell swing: russian, goblet squat, deadlift
Goblet squat + kb swing + push up
5 min rest
Ball slam + windshield wipers + med ball sit up
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