The Art, Science, and Sport of Olympic Lifting


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic weightlifting is like art, science, and sport all rolled up into one explosive little package. At SICFIT Scottsdale we incorporate Olympic lifting to achieve all sorts of fitness related goals: increased strength and power; greater muscle tone and weight loss; and coordination and flexibility. But on top of all of that, OLY lifting does something special for the psyche — it makes us feel strong, powerful, and (pardon my french… but) pretty bad @$$! Be sure to make it to the gym today to get this important practice time in!
And of course, best of luck to Elizabeth Zapata for competing at East Valley Open Weightlifting meet today at 11am!

Ted Sweeney leads the class with 8 visits during the first week of the Perfect Attendance challenge!

Barbell progression
3 Position power clean | 10 Minutes
3 Position squat clean | 10 Minutes
Clean and jerk | 20 Minutes
1 Mile run or 2k row