Paleo Plans for Valentine’s Day


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

After spending an hour of your Valentine’s Day at SICFIT Scottsdale’s Sweat with your Sweetie, you’re going to need a paleo-friendly date-night to swoon your valentine with integrity! But have no fear because SICFIT has got your back. Here are a list of some of the yummiest restaurants in Scottsdale and Phoenix sure to satisfy your paleo palate!
Dynamic movement
Suicide warm ups
Prowler sleds 50-135
High/high: max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
High/low: max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
Low/low:  max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
5 Minute rest
600 Meter run
Sled up and down
600 Meter run
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