Mindfulness and Midnight Snacking: How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, February 7, 2014

SICFIT Scottsdale’s yoga classes offer many benefits that complement the strength in conditioning work you do here at the gym. One of the benefits that may surprise you is that Yoga is a hugely effective tool in helping you lose weight and trim execs body fat.  Not only will yoga help you lose weight in the traditional sense — by burning calories and toning muscles — but it will also help you shed the pounds in a way that is unique to yoga. Yoga is a form of moving mediation that increases mindfulness and body awareness. By increasing our sensitivity to how our body is feeling, we also strengthen our awareness of hunger and fullness sensations. This powerful effect of yoga can help us to avoid eating out of boredom or as a result of negative emotions, and can even inspire us to make better choices in the kitchen. By learning to become present with our bodies, we are more likely to recognize how we will feel after making a poor nutritional choice and then choose the better option. Try our yoga classes for a few weeks and watch how mindfulness can stop midnight snacking for good!
.Jill Peterson CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga
Dynamic Movement
5 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats
5 Minute rest
5 Minute max jump rope (single or double)
5 Minute rest
5 Minute max burpees
5 Minute Rest
5 Minute max calories row