Functional Fitness for Functional Lives


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, February 24, 2014

At SICFIT Scottsdale we believe in Functional Fitness. We believe that this style of training breeds the fastest results (from weight loss to making the podium in the competitive arena) and rewards our daily life more than any other exercise regimen. So what exactly is functional fitness anyway, and how can it be so superior? We’re glad you asked!

According to, Functional Fitness uses multi-joint movements (i.e. full body exercises) to train the body for “daily life activities” and to “handle real-life situations.” These multi-joint, functional fitness exercises are unparalleled in their ability to simultaneously increase strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and stability — all while dramatically decreasing risk of injury compared to other exercise methodologies. Functional fitness is about using our bodies they way they were meant to be used, and creating the health and wellness we are meant to enjoy.

Join SICFIT Scottsdale to experience the benefits of functional fitness in your life! Enjoy our weekly classes or sign up for our Private Training program. You’ll never go back to the “normal” gym again!


Dynamic movement
2 Minutes of row/run/jump rope
4 Rounds
5 Back squat tough but successful reps | 30 second rest
8 Strict chin up | 30 second rest
12 Strict push up | 30 second rest
150 Meter sprint run or row | 2 minute rest
LIFE: Tempo ring row | barbell back squat