Debating Your Workout Today? Read This, Now!


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thinking about skipping your workout at SICFIT Scottsdale today? Well here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t, courtesy of Want to read more reasons? Check out all 51, here!

You should workout today because exercise….

1. Lifts your moodphoto 3
2. Sharpens memory
3. Boosts creative thinking
4. Improves eating habits
5. Fights dementia
6. Increased sports performance
7. Builds self-esteem
8. Increases sex drive and satisfactions
9. Improves sleeping patterns
10. Decreases osteoporosis risk

Jump rope 1 min + 10 dumbbell superset (bicep curl, lateral raise, hammer curl, front raise, press)
5 Rounds
Run a big lap or row 300 meters + 2 minutes of sit ups + 50 crunches anyway
LIFE: 3 Rounds with 1 minute rest after each
FIT/SPORT: Use double unders and strict sit ups