Wear Your Fitness on Your Sleeve


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It’s a brand new year and level testing is back in action at SICFIT Scottsdale! Come out and fight for your chance to wear your fitness on your sleeve and sport the White SICFIT Scottsdale Band on January 23rd at 7pm. To help you prepare, we are including one of the test elements into today’s skill portion: the handstand hold. Hold yourself inverted against the wall for 70 seconds or more and you can consider this task “in the bag” on test night. We encourage all our students to give this test a shot, even just to identify which areas of fitness you need to focus on. Who knows, you may even surprise yourself and earn that band after all!
Level III test at CrossFit Scottsdale


Med ball fun toss, slam, wall ball, thruster, sit up
Handstand hold level I test prep
Press 3×5 | 2 minute rest
Push press 3×3 | 90 second rest
Split jerk | 1 minute rest
8 Minute AMRAP
 3 Air squats + 3 burpees + 3 wall balls
6+6+6… 9+9+9… 12+12+12…. and so on by 3s

Stretch of the Week