Team Effort for the Win!


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, January 13, 2014

Let’s start off our week with a little dose of accountability, communication, and camaraderie. There’s no better way to access these attributes than with a team workout. Today during your training, don’t just show up for yourself but show up for your teammates. Be vocal with your comrades. Let them know when you are about to reach your max effort and when you are ready to take over. Most of all, be there to support and encourage one another. A little team effort goes a long way to keep the mind determined when the body is beat!
Rowing Machine Workout at CrossFit Scottsdale
Teams of 3-4 | 1 works at a time only
1000 Meter Row
100 Kettle bell swings
100 Sit ups
750 Meter row
75 Kettle bell swings
75 Sit ups
500 Meter row
50 Kettle bell swings
50 Sit ups
250 Meter row
25 Kettle bell swings
25 Sit ups