Ready, Set, Rest!


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fitness isn’t just about your ability to sustain work over an extended period of time. It isn’t even just about being able to exert tons of force in an instant. In many ways, fitness is also about your ability to recover quickly and efficiently. Today’s conditioning portion will not only test your capacity for recovery, but also cultivate and expand it. During each rest cycle be sure to breathe deeply and slowly, helping to slow the heart rate and prepare the body and mind for the work that lies just seconds ahead.


Dynamic Movement
1 Minute row/run/jump rope
1 Minute air squat/push up/sit up
20 Back squat
3 Minute rest
4 Working rounds
8 Strict chin up | 30 second rest
12 Strict push up | 30 rest
150 Meter sprint or row | 2 minute rest
LIFE: Tempo ring row | barbell back squat | tempo push up | AIR dyne :30 sec
SPORT: Weighted chin up | 7 strict HSPU
5 Minute plank AMRAP