Level Testing and Competitive Fitness


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tonight is the night that our hardworking SICFIT athletes will put their training to the test in hopes of earning the L1 White Band! Come out tonight at 7pm and workout for your right of wearing your FITness of your sleeve! Whether you plan to test or not, we need your support at the gym to cheer on the folk with their eyes dead set on that band!

Barbell clean progression
Thee position power clean
15 Minutes to establish tough but not maximal power clean
5 Minute rest
SICEST of the Southwest Workout II
LIFE: 35-75
FITNESS: 55-95
SPORT: Men 165/145/125 | Women 115/95/75
If this workout got you pumped and feeling froggy to compete, then its time for you to register for the competition of a lifetime: SICEST of the Pacific West! Compete in paradise while repping for the SICEST gym in the Southwest.. SICFIT Scottsdale! For more information, click here!