It’s WOW Time!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Holidays won’t hold us back any longer! It’s time to WOW! This is one most of us have tackled before, making it the perfect opportunity to assess our progress and benchmark the beginning of 2014. If this is your second go at this heavy AMRAP, review your success journal before class so you know what you’ve got to beat. If not, prepare yourself to set your personal bar high! Perhaps you will find that your one rep max has increased. Maybe you will squeeze a few extra power cleans into each AMRAP. Or maybe this time around it simply will not seem quite as much like torture to get through each three minute segment! Good luck SICFITTERS! Pick up that barbell and surprise yourself!


Barbell progression
WOW #21
A1. 20 Minutes to find one rep max power clean
3 Minute rest
A2. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 90%
3 Minute rest
A3. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 75%
3 Minute rest
A4. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 50%
Score = A1 + A2 weight x reps + A3 weight x reps + A4 weight x reps

Stretch of the Week