Hit Your FITness Goals in 2014!

“It’s been almost 18 months now at SICFIT. I came with an athletic background and already being in great shape. What’s amazing is I didn’t think I could get that much better. Well I was wrong. My Olympic Lifting keeps getting stronger every month. I am doing workouts with times that would qualify with the girls at Regionals. I still, 18 months later love the energy in the Gym. I also love being around other people that 100% support me and cheer for me to get better. I Love being apart of the community there and can’t imagine being anywhere else. My friends and family laugh because almost every day someone comes up to me and asks wow girl what do you for fitness? Are you a professional athlete?? Feels good at 35 and mother of 3 boys.”- Michelle Plunkett

Join Michelle, and the other SICFIT Scottsdale Students by focusing on FITness goals in 2014, get in better shape, work on YOU, and get ready to work hard for those goals!

What do you say about your gym? Come learn more about SICFIT Scottsdale- check out our class schedule here, and drop in to try a class! We would love to have you come experience our facility and help change your life in 2014!

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