Food as Fuel is Next Week!


You can eat whatever you want and lose all the weight you want…. as long as you train hard enough. Have you ever heard that? Well it is total BS, it’s false, and it is just all out untrue. You cannot out train your diet. As a matter of fact let’s forget diets all together.

It is time for a Lifestyle Change. Your body is a machine! If you fuel it with high octane turbo fuel you get results. If you fuel it with McDonald’s you get fat.

Do you want to know you want to how to become a fat burning machine? What if you could teach your body’s hormones to not store the excess calories you take in?

Want to become a power cleaning monster? Here is a secret you have to have the right protein carb balance. You have to figure out what that is and we can help.

Whether you want to go faster, get leaner, or gain muscle the SICFIT Scottsdale “Food as Fuel” program is for you!

I want to see every new student, everyone who has never come, and everyone who wants to make a change now at 7:30pm, Thursday January 16th, front and center at the SICFIT Scottsdale white board.

Let’s Rock this

Coach Sean

Show up early to grab a good seat!