Family Fun FITness



(The Bucko Clan: Ashley, Thomas and Nathan)

Working out with your family can be one of the best motivators you can get! Who doesn’t want to work out with their parents, and battle them in a FITness competition? Or rather than fight with your brother or sister over a video game, fight for the best time in the workout? Make it a goal in 2014 to get your family closer, through FITness!

We have classes at SICFIT Scottsdale for all ages, and all FITness levels. We are lucky to have several families that come and workout together at SICFIT Scottsdale, and watching the family sweat together is amazing!

Now is the PERFECT time to bring in those relatives, those siblings, parents and cousins, as over the next 3 days we have Guest Days! Bring them in to any class on January 7th, 8th and 9th and let them see for themselves how SICFIT Scottsdale can help them reach their goals! Check out the class schedule here!


(Brother and Sister: Nevin and Mary)