Dustin Anderson January 2014 Athlete of the Month

Dustin Anderson is the “black sheep” when it comes to FITness competitions. Since Dustin first began his quest for higher level FITess two years ago he has come full circle, eventually beating any previous benchmarks, personal records, races, runs or events EVER at 29 years of age. “D” as I like to call him is one of the coolest, level headed men I know. His no nonsense approach to FITness shows the second he walks in the gym. Ready and eager to learn more about his own potential and possibilities as well as the guys he trains with. In the past 90 days Dustin has competed at the “FURY” , ran a half marathon way under 2 hours, competed with our vicious looking North Scottsdale Flag Football team. Some of Dustin’s recent scores include……
30 muscle ups > 6:06
30 snatches @ 135 > 2:24
Front squat #315
3x rep front squat #300
Power snatch #200
Power clean #280
Bench press #305
Half marathon 1:59:27

Congratulations Mr. Anderson you have come along way since wanting to loose some weight. We hope you continue to progress and achieve the FITness you are looking for. Thank you for your commitment to SICFIT Scottsdale.