Back to Basics


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As Students of Strength in Conditioning FITness, we never graduate from the basics. We are always willing to pick up the PVC pipe and drill form, mechanics, and alignment. We embrace ┬áthe philosophy that there is always more to learn. On Saturday, February 8th, SICFIT Scottsdale is hosting the perfect seminar for those looking to refine their technique and create the foundation that will sustain a lifetime of fitness. It’s only when we go back to the basics and build ourselves back up with even more precision that we enable growth and new possibilities. Reserve your spot today!


500 Meter Row
Movement prep for wall balls and pull ups
Gymnastics rings tuck + hollow + l-sit + kipping pull up progression
500 Meter row + 10 wall balls + 10 pull ups
500 Meter row + 20 wall balls + 10 pull ups
500 Meter row + 30 wall balls + 10 pull ups
LIFE: Ball slams #14/10 | ring row or bands
FITNESS: Wall ball #20/14
SPORT: Wall ball #30 | chest to bar or strict