Athlete of the Month: Rohit Sarkar!

We are please to announce the January Athlete of the Month, Rohit Sarkar!          

Rohit is a fairly new addition to the SICFIT family but is well deserving of Athlete of the Month.  This gentle giant started his fitness journey back home in India.  Rohit battles some pretty severe asthma and was limited on what he could do.  His coach instructed him to lift and to lift heavy so he could build his lung capacity. Well not only did in help with his asthma it also turned him into a BEAST!  Squats 400 pounds like he was warming up and deadlifts 500 something pounds like he was folding laundry.  He puts technique first before big weights and is very eager to ensure his technique is correct.  A great student to have in class and also one of the friendliest personalities I have had the pleasure of coaching.

                Keep up the good work my friend.  I look forward to seeing what you get done in 2014! – Sensei