A Pain in the Neck Stretch


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This week’s Stretch of the Week, brought to you by FlexibilityRX, targets the Levator Scapula. This relatively small, yet important muscle runs along the side of the neck and onto the shoulder. It connects the cervical spine (the section of our spine located in the neck) and the upper border of the scapula (the shoulder blade). This muscle can be the source of commonly experienced neck and back pain, and in some cases even headaches. The Levator Scapular can become tight and strained from stress, poor neck posture, and imbalances created from lack of stretching. Perform this stretch every day this week and see if you notice a difference in any neck, back, or head discomfort. You may even experience relief from pain you didn’t know you were suffering from!



Run 300 meters
3 Rounds
10 Push up + 10 air squat + 10 sit up
Walk big lap
5 Rounds
Ring row 25 seconds | 35 seconds rest
Ring push up 25 seconds | 35 seconds rest
Ring tucks/knees up/l-sit 20 seconds | 40 seconds rest
5 Minute rest
12 Minutes
Row sprint 25 seconds | easy row 35 seconds