The New Old You


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, December 13, 2013

I challenge you to dedicate today’s workout to the new, old you. The new, old you is the person that you are just on the brink of becoming. It is the you that will manifest once you overcome whatever obstacles have been in the forefront of your life as of late. Theses can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or even multidimensional. Dedicate this workout to your own victory over these obstacles. Dedicate it t to the new, old you, that you will be able to look upon in awe of how much you have grown, achieved, and transformed.

Kettlebell swings | 4×8 unbroken sets | 1 minute rest between sets
Farmers walk | 4×20′ turnarounds | 1 minute rest between sets
Single arm russian swing | 4×8 each arm | 1 minute rest between sets
Walking back rack barbell 300 meters | run back to start if you dump the weight
Single leg box step ups | 4 each side x4 sets | 1 minute rest between sets