Strength, Stamina, and Endurance in Olympic Lifting


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To perform multiple power cleans at a heavy weight we must break through our kinesthetic habit that likes to lift and then dump because it’s easier, and embrace our ability to just hold on to a little bit longer.  Watch as SICFITER Christopher Gartell performs three touch-and-go heavy power cleans. He remains tight through each movement as the bar travels up and down his body so that he is prepared for the next lift. Using the rebound off the ground, he harnesses that momentum to initiate the upward bar path on lift two and thee.  And his feet remain beautifully grounded and unshaken by the turbulent and quick movements of the bar so that his foundation supports the tremendous power he is exerting. Use these tips in WOW 21 today to help you achieve a score that makes you say WOW!

Barbell progression
Deadlift/hangclean/front squat/press/pushpress
WOW 21
A1. 20 Minutes to build to 1 rep max power clean
3 Minute rest
A2. 3 Minute AMRAP with  90% of A1
3 Minute rest
A3. 3 Minute AMRAP with 75% of A1
3 Minute rest
A4. 3 Minute Amrap with 50% of A1
Score = A1 weight + A2 weight x reps + A3 weight x reps + A4 weight x reps

Stretch of the Week