SICFIT Santa Knows Naughty from Nice

Strength in Conditioning for Monday, December, 16, 2013

Have you been keeping up with the SICFIT Scottsdale 12 Days of Christmas at home? Just because there wasn’t a class yesterday doesn’t mean you get to skip out on this tradition! If you didn’t complete you 25 push ups and 50 overhead squat yesterday for day two, then you’d better get it done before you show up to class today for day three! The SICFIT Santa knows, and you better believe he will still put you on that naughty list!

Santa swole 2


1k Row
Back squat 31×1 (3 seconds on the down/1 sec pause in bottom/X fire up fast/1 sec at top/repeat)
Burpee broad jump
Deficit or hand release push up
4 Rounds
LIFE: 8-10 back squat + 3 broad jump + 7 push up
FITNESS: 5-8 back squat + 5 board jump + 10 push up
SPORT: 3-5 back squat + 7 broad jump + 15 push up
2-3 Minute rest
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