Paleo Pickings from SICFIT Scottsdale


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The paleo diet is about more than simply avoiding certain kinds of foods. It is about knowing where the food we decide to eat comes from, and eating in a way that not only sustains our body but sustains the earth as well. Sometimes this task is easier said than done, as our modern day super markets do not always make known the source of their fare. When in doubt, (the outreach website associated with the documentary, Food Inc) suggests reaching for a cut of lamb. The article states that lamb is more likely to have been treated humanely than poultry or beef and to have been raised using sustainable farming practices. Of course, our best option is still the one that is most informed and closest to home, so get to know your local farmers and never have to face market mystery meat again!


4 Rounds
05 Thrusters off rack
30 Seconds or jumps of double under
45 Second row for calories
03 Minute rest
Sleds up/up + run/walk small lap x3
Sleds down/down + run/walk small lap x3

Photo by: Stuart Webster