New Years Schedule


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, December 30, 2013

We have a bit of a limited schedule early this week to accommodate the New Year Holiday. Please review the gym schedule to ensure you are able to stay committed to your fitness regimen. If you are unable to join us during the times we are open, we have supplied you with a few quick and effective workouts you can do at home. SICFIT Scottsdale wants you to ring in the new year as your healthiest and happiest self, so don’t let your training fall to the wayside!

4 Rounds
Back squat x6 reps
Reverse barbell pull ups x12 reps *from a low rack advanced athletes put feet up on bench or box
Reverse lunge 24 steps
2 Minute rest
10 Rounds or 15 minute cap
5 Pull ups + 5 push ups + 5 air squats + bear crawl 20″
LIFE: Ring row + negative pushups
FITNESS: Band/hand release pushups
SPORT: Kip/chest to bar/deficit or clapping pushups