Hustle For the Muscle Up!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The muscle up is a ruthlessly blunt, unapologetically honest test of fitness. Coveted by many, mastered by few, the muscle up separates the pack among athletes with one single movement. But while the muscle up itself may be a difficult feat, your ability to achieve one is not. In fact, the prescription for getting up and over that bar is really quite simple. All you need to focus on putting together the pieces of the muscle up progression. Start from where you are and build yourself up, step by step. Work hard. Remain determined. Don’t get frustrated. That’s it. Follow those steps, along with the tips in this following video, and that bar muscle up is already yours!

Strict pull up | bar muscle up
WOW #23
Max bar burpee muscle ups in 3 minutes
LIFE: Jumping burpee pull ups
FITness: Jumping/kipping burpee pull ups
SPORT: Burpee bar muscle ups
4 Rounds
50 Meter bear crawl
50 Meter burpee broad jump
25 Air squats

Stretch of the Week