Have a Burpee Christmas!

Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the gym
Coach was serving up burpees, today 50 for the win!

Yesterday too, there were burpees galore
When I saw the workout today my jaw hit the floor!

How could they do this to us, I thought to myself
But when I complained at the gym they yelled “It’s good for your health!”

Deep in my heart, I know they are right
But I still hate those burpees with all of my might!


Partner stretch | foam roll | band mobility
3 Rounds: 10 Tough press + 60 second AD at 90% effort | Rest 2 minutes
3 Rounds: 10 Heavy dumbbell walking lunges each leg + 60 second run at 90% effort | Rest 2 minutes
3 Rounds: 12 Strict sit ups + 8 kettlebell swings + 30 second plank hold | Rest 2 minutes
5 Minute rest
50 Hand release burpees for time