From Resolution to Reality


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, December 27, 2013

With the holiday hoopla on the  down swing, its about time to start thinking about the year ahead. What would we live to achieve in 2014? What are some things that we would like to do a bit differently than the previous year? And what would we like to hold onto from 2013, and make even bigger and better over the next 12 months? Whatever your resolution may be, SICFIT Scottsdale’s Goal Setting Seminar will help you achieve your biggest dreams in 2014. Join us on January 6th, at 7:00pm and leave with some concrete strategies to turn your resolution into a reality!

Goal Setting at CrossFit Scottsdale

10 Rounds
10 Wall balls | 1 minute rest
10 Kettlebell swings | 1 minute rest
10 Push ups | 1 minute rest
5 Minute rest
10 Rounds
10 Barbell thrusters | 1 minute rest
10 Barbell back squats | 1 minute rest
10 Burpees | 1 minute rest