Exclusive Coaching Client: Mary Mag Wilson


Meet Mary Mag Wilson- The 17 year old equestrian rider and full time student who is wise beyond her years, and stronger than most kids her age. Mary has been riding horses her whole life, and has had the honor of serving on the Young Rider Team, and has won several championships at her young age as well. Her dedication and love of riding has led her into an opportunity to become a pro rider in the future. Knowing of this dream and goal, she wanted to step up her game and focus on her fitness to build strength and form.

I met Mary back in August as she was a new student coming in to try a Teens class. After her first workout, I knew she was something special. Her endurance and strength was so unreal for her age, and after learning more about her I knew why. She was focused, and eager to learn more about functional fitness and how it can better her form and riding technique. After a week of training, she was moved up into Adult classes and personal training. We set a plan in place to get her core stronger, and continue to focus on strength training as she prepared for a huge competition coming up in December.61204_10151727907232560_977853582_n

After 5 months of commitment and training, she was stronger than ever and ready for her next step in her riding career. I had the privilege of training her every step of the way, and I know how much hard work and effort she put into her training week by week, and day by day. She pushed her limits, and trusted the process. She soared through PR’s when it came to all Olympic lifts, and pushed past her fear of the handstand and even accomplishing a 90 second handstand hold. She has hit the “100 club” in many lifts including the clean and jerk, the thruster, and push press. She has hit every goal and FITness challenge I have put in front of her, and I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue to work with her towards her next set of goals leading into 2014.

Mary, you are truly an inspiration. Your commitment to the sport of riding and FITness shows in your strength and technique. It is an honor to work with you and see you get stronger. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!

Coach Ashley