You are Your Competition


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, November 30, 2013

We love competition at SICFIT Scottsdale. It motivates and inspires us to work harder, keep pushing, and to never ever quit. But while the person who just took the lead in front of you gives you the jolt you need to pick up the pace, your most important competitor is yourself. Keep striving for more than the old you was capable of. Track of your progress. And most importantly, don’t be a sore loser when your performance doesn’t meet your expectations. Being a good competitor requires you to own both your good and not so good performances


5 Rounds: run small lap + push empty sled up and down
Movement prep
1000 Meters row
21 Deadlifts
1000 Meter run
21 Power cleans
750 Meters row
21 Thrusters
400 Meters run
21 Kettlebell swings
500 Meter row
LIFE: Half distance for run + row | Barbell
FITNESS: Scaled weights
SPORT: DL 185/115 | PC 135/95 | THRUSTER 95/65 | KB 75/55
Photo by: Arya Ziai