Whole Life Challenge Results

New habits were formed. Talking with Judy she said that one of the habits she created during the Whole Life Challenge was pre-making meals for the week. Not having to make the daily choice “what is for lunch or dinner?” helped lead her to success. What habits did you form? wholelifechallenge


Overall the SICFIT Scottsdale team had an outstanding success during the Fall Whole Life Challenge. Some of the awards are as follows:


Most classes attended (46): Alexandra Bhatti

Most inches lost (10”) Morgan Leinweber

Spirit Award (almost cut his workout time in half): Connor Reinhardt


For the overall competition:

1st: Josh Hoefker

2nd: Morgan Leinweber

3Rd: Judy Leinweber


Special shout outs go to Matt Essary and Brianna Diffie for throwing up mad points on the daily entries.


It’s not called the Whole Life Diet, because diets are something you go off. This was a challenge to change your lifestyle habits. How will you use your success from this challenge to inspire the rest of your life?