SICFIT Thanksgiving Schedule and Shenanigans


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, November 25, 2013

Do you best to keep your plate paleo this Thursday and don’t let this busy week slip by without getting your SICFIT on! SICFIT Scottsdale has got your back Monday through Wednesday and will be open as usual. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Thursday and then let’s get back at it on Friday! Take a break from the Black Friday shenanigans and come get your sweat on — for free! Consider the 8am, 12pm, and 5pm class as a early holiday gift!



Clean progression
DL x3 | HPC x2 | HSC  x1
Start at 50% of your max clean. After each complete round rest for 90 seconds and go up by 10% until a missed lift.
The goal is to get up to 90%. If you fail try again and then go back to last complete round.
1 Minute max DL | 1 minute rest
1 Minute max PC | 1 minute rest
1 Minute max HPC  | 1 minute rest
1 Minute max HSC | 1 minute rest
1 Minute max bar over burpee
LIFE: Use starting weight of progression
FITNESS: 115/75
SPORT: 155/105
5 Minutes nonstop
Jump rope recovery

Photo By: Martha_Chapa